Mobile Sex Notes : “Hello, this is certainly Alexandra, I’m just 18. whom have always been we talking to?” – MDS ITI

Mobile Sex Notes : “Hello, this is certainly Alexandra, I’m just 18. whom have always been we talking to?”

Mobile Sex Notes : “Hello, this is certainly Alexandra, I’m just 18. whom have always been we talking to?”

Chit chat– ego shots, input, questioning & responding ask that is accordingly don’t sincere match towards the caller which will make them feel well about on their own.

1) Your sound is truly sexy, deep and smooth. 2) That’s my name that is favorite for guy, and you seem really handsome. 3) so that you work with automobiles? That’s good you to give me a tune-up because I want. 4) You’re lonely and I’m so happy you called because I happened to be feeling pretty lonely too.

“I experienced lots of fun on the weekend. I sought out with my girlfriends to the barbeque which our buddy Dave, from college, had been having. Most of us had a couple of beverages and viewed the fireworks. After which i obtained just a little crazy and began a pillow fight. It had been actually fun and my pal Rachel and I also began kissing. Have actually you ever viewed two girls that are hot before? Exactly just What do you repeat this week-end?”

“When had been the time that is last pretty woman said which you have actually wonderful eyes?”

“Did you meet anybody interesting?”

Without a doubt the things I seem like: “Well we have chin length reddish hair that is brown. We utilized to put on it much much much longer but it kept getting into my eyes. I’m 5 feet 4 ins high and I also weigh 105 pounds. I’m a size 34 B, however it’s fine because I’m just 18. We have actually long legs and I’m in the track group therefore I can fast run really.”

The art of managing a discussion the creative art of evaluating Assertion

Just What Not To Ever ask

no personal concerns (are you currently married, work, house life, calling from, whatever they seem like, age, big penis) unless they prompt you

utilize the lingo they normally use

hot girls should never be bored stiff.

exactly what are you doing? – watching the intercourse tape we made yesterday evening – listening to my roomie along with her boyfriend making love next door – painting my nails and viewing Girls Gone crazy and getting really horny. – trying about this new lingere set i got myself yesterday. Let me make it clear exactly exactly what it appears to be like. – laying on my bed, gently fingering myself under my clothing. Let me make it clear exactly what I’m using.

think two steps ahead role lover part personal detective component therapist

hot woman = 18 — 25

“Are you horny? Me too, I’m so happy we’ve one thing in keeping.”

1) I have a key to tell you– I’m not underwear that is wearing. 2) I’m so glad you called because I’ve been laying right here viewing porn and I’m getting therefore horny. We haven’t had sex yet today and night that is last like forever ago. Whenever ended up being the final time you fucked a hot woman? 3) The ac unit is on actually saturated in my apartment also it’s making my nipples difficult. Would you like difficult nipples?

Redirect the conversation to beautiful american women something mundane, something which is sensible. What type of girls do you really like? exactly What turns you in?

If your caller attempts to provide you with their contact number, say “Oh, I’m so flattered but my daddy would destroy me personally. But allow me to provide you with my four digit personal quantity to help you call me personally later.”

Comprehensive statements (use the 5 sensory faculties)

Touch let me know exactly exactly what it is like Taste let me know just exactly exactly how it tastes Sight How exactly does it look? Let me know everything you see. Hearing just just exactly What do you really hear? Fragrance just what does it smell like?

1) Be really descriptive 2) Timing (pause whenever necessary) 3) Assertive & erotic sound.

How to make cash – request phone phone calls

hot films & flat price phone calls 5 – 7 moments bonus dollars points above normal 120 hrs/month 3 pt = $150 120 hrs/month 2 pt = $100 60 hrs/month 3 pt = $75 60 hrs/month 2 pt = $50

performance rate increase (PRI) you get 40 cents for each hour of work if you maintain shift average for the month

1) Greeting 2) what’s your interest or fetish? 3) Go into the description (Think: where have always been we gonna simply take him, which scenario)

4) begin the situation (no talk) a) libido check (30 moments) b) pace yourself c) be detailed and descriptive d) ego stroke & praise ag ag e) correct/admonish caller as he does something very wrong.

“hey, this might be Queen Antonia. To who have always been I talking? What’s your interest or fetish?”

make them spank themselves

“Good child. It pleases me personally whenever you follow my guidelines.” “It pleases me personally when you obey.”

“Are you happy to get a get a cross all fetishes?” a servant is taught to do just about anything.

“If we told you to definitely place your brush into the toilet then put it to use, can you do so?” A servant would get it done.

“You participate in me, don’t you?” “Tell me me. you belong to”

“Are you touching that cock? You’d do not be pressing that cock– that cock belongs if you ask me. Place your arms with you.”

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