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Lithuanian Women: The Dark Strategies They Don’t Want You To Learn

Lithuanian Women: The Dark Strategies They Don’t Want You To Learn

I usually desired to go directly to the Baltics, an area composed of nations such as for instance Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Element of it absolutely was the attraction of this area. Throughout the right time it had been area of the Soviet Union, very little was understood concerning the area. But in the Soviet Union it had been called probably the most productive aspects of the nation. It’s a very important factor to live or go to Russia or Ukraine, however it ended up being totally another to go to the Baltics.

The Baltics are very different. Unlike the Slavic languages such as for example Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian, the languages talked when you look at the Baltics don’t result from exactly the same language household. Lithuanian and Latvian are related although not mutually incomprehensible. Having said that, Estonian is closely associated with Finish.


Lithuania, along with Latvia and Estonia, is amongst the three nations that are baltic into the Northeast of European countries close to the edge with Russia.

Lithuania is a reasonably little nation with a population of just 2.8 M individuals. The main city as well as the biggest town is Vilnius, with a population of no more than 500,000 inhabitants or more.

We invested about couple of years located in Vilnius. We additionally traveled round the nation a lot, therefore I feel We have a good grasp from the mindset associated with the individuals.

For the reason that time period, We dated several Lithuanian ladies and had one girlfriend that is serious who We invested good percentage of time living.

Lithuania features a turbulent history. The country’s primary problem had been its geography: it had been constantly sandwiched between two major abilities: Germany and Russia.

This intended that, for many of their history, greater abilities utilized the little country being a buffer to either preempt assaults or even a staging ground for the campaign that is offensive.

At one point, Poland absorbed Lithuania into its empire. Then it had been the newly created ukrainian dating Soviet Union, then it had been the Germans during WWII. Then it was the Soviets once more.

Finally, in 1991, Lithuania became separate. And, in 2004, it joined up with the European Union.

While you can argue that Lithuania has become completely separate, as user associated with EU, it nevertheless has to reply to another boss—the bureaucrats surviving in Brussels.

However, today Lithuania is quickly becoming a effortless country to live also to work. Among the best reasons for Lithuania is its super-fast Internet that exist for a tremendously price that is low. Once I lived here, we enjoyed a 100Mb Internet for only something such as $10/month.

It is additionally a country that is cleaner, has less corruption and even more planned than pretty much all the other Soviet Union republics except its siblings that are baltic Estonia and Latvia.

With regards to the mindset of those, i thought that Lithuania was closer to its Slavic countries such as for instance Ukraine in the place of its neighbors that are western. But I experienced the incorrect perception. Lithuania (therefore the remaining portion of the Baltic nations) is unquestionably nearer to nations like Germany and Scandinavia.

Lithuania’s language is Lithuanian. It is notably distantly linked to Latvian and also to Old that is the-now-extinct Prussian.

Because it does not connect with other languages, it is a fairly hard language to understand. I might speed it closer to Hungarian or Finnish with regards to trouble.

Unlike other European languages, many terms bear no resemblance with their English equivalents.

Therefore, it, you must dive head first and start from the beginning if you really want to learn.

The very good news is a good amount associated with the populace talks Russian, a legacy of their Soviet past. This might be just relevant to those who’re 35+.

This might be a lot more therefore in Vilnius, where everyone over 25 years old can at least comprehend basic Russian.

Once I lived here, we talked Russian towards the the elderly and English to your more youthful ones.

The initial thing you notice about Lithuanian ladies is the fact that they’re incredibly stunning. The way that is best to explain them is to state that they’re some type of a cross between Ukrainian and Russian with a little Scandinavian mixed in.

They usually have this “Northern” check out it. Tall cheekbones, light blue eyes, white epidermis.

There have been instances when I literally thought that nearly every girl could possibly be a supermodel. Also they are exceedingly feminine and learn how to dress whenever heading out, etc.

They’re also tall. Exceptionally high. I think Lithuanians are among the tallest individuals in European countries. It ended up beingn’t unusual to be surrounded by ladies who are all at the very least 5’10 and above. Therefore, if you’re some guy who’s for a faster scale (under 5’8), you’ll absolutely feel it: individuals will be hovering above you.

But one thing kept bothering me personally throughout my stay. I became in Eastern Europe, nevertheless the females didn’t work Eastern European: they didn’t behave like the ladies into the other Eastern European nations like Romania, Ukraine, and Russia. For a number of years, i really couldn’t find out why. Every thing had been lining up: I happened to be in Eastern Europe, in A soviet that is former union; several of those females also talked Russian, yet they didn’t act Eastern European.

I finally knew the issue after speaking with A russian man whom was in fact residing in Lithuania for a time. Their impression had been that Russian and Ukrainian women can be more “gentle” and “feminine.” He’d some difficulty explaining their experience, but we knew precisely what he had been speaing frankly about. Russian and Ukrainian women can be a little more feminine; Lithuanian women can be much more Westernized. The huge difference is not huge, however, if you’ve invested a while in Russian and Ukraine, you’ll undoubtedly view it.

At fault are environment. Lithuania is situated all of the way in north European countries so that it’s savagely cool a lot of the 12 months. The summers are nice and pleasant but quick. Understandably, the social individuals adjust and become more reserved, contrasted to express the chatty Italians or Spaniards.

However, there hasn’t been a different country where I’ve seen plenty breathtaking feamales in one spot. I possibly could literally be walking in the road and thinking to myself, that woman can quickly be a model, or that girl, or that woman. They have been that gorgeous. But they’re also much more Westernized than their Eastern counterparts. Now, whether you consider that as a bonus or even a drawback is completely your responsibility.

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