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Best MMA Betting Site

MyBookie is a more recent online sportsbook, they have been successful in offshore betting markets and quickly became an elite choice for betting sports online. They provide unique niches, promotions, deposit options, and fast payouts. They are an ideal gaming site to start wagering on UFC fights.
Betting Limits In Mybookie
MyBookie is a solid mid-term online sportsbook. They take several thousand bucks on MMA props and moneylines. This puts them in the middle of the pack in regards to betting limitations. It’s possible to bet more, however, you need to contact direction and ask them to raise your wagering limit. To find out more about betting bets and strategies visit our Mixed Martial Arts Betting Online Guide.
MyBookie Deposit Bonus
The bonus offered to new players in is among the best online. The 100% Sports Sigh-Up Bonus could be redeemed for up to $1,000 on the initial deposit made to The rollover speed is 10x, which is under the typical rollover rate of 15x.
MYBOOKIE.AG SPECIFIC STRATEGY mma gambling strategyOne thing bettors may do right off is becoming the maximum bonus available when they deposit at A $1,000 bonus using a 10x rollover is rare in this business. Deposit the entire thousand and receive the entire match bonus.
Searching for value is key to profiting at They’ve a large supply of markets, including fighter props, MMA live betting, and of course, traditional bets such as money lines. Oddsmakers have a tough time keeping track of this many niches. There is always going to be something worth betting when it comes to UFC fights
GTBets Sportsbook is one of the few sportsbooks to come online in the past ten years and have no significant complaints from bettors. Not only that, they bailed out players that were owed $40,000 from various sportsbooks that went bankrupt. They are an excellent sportsbook in regards to gambling on the UFC, as they offer interesting signup bonuses that’s awesome for betting MMA.
Betting Limits At
GTBets is a conservative sportsbook when it comes to wagering limits. While you may get down $25,000+ on NFL sides and prices at other betting sites, at GTBets, the utmost limit on MMA is $1,000. For totals and moneylines, it’s capped at only $1,000. These limits are reduced, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. First, if you’re a fresh bettor and following appropriate bankroll direction — you likely will not be close to betting thousands of dollars per struggle when you begin, anyway.
Secondly, their reduced maximum bet size must provide you a bit of confidence in them as a store. Their fast payouts and lack of complaints from clients are likely because they don’t overexpose themselves and recognize sharp bettors fast. Remember, you can always ask for a payout and proceed to some other sportsbook if you want to bet bigger.
GTBets Deposit Bonus
GTBets provides new accounts a 100% up to $500 on their first deposit. They will also be eligible for a 50% Bonus Up to $500 on their second deposit. There are no bonus codes or prerequisites for this particular bonus, other than they have to be reached on a player’s original deposit. They’re cash bonuses, which have more value than free play bonuses. Both bonuses arrive with a generous 10x rollover.

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